Recovery Process

Step by Step guide

Step 1 - Submission

Here are some of the devices we are able to recover data from.
If yours is not listed, call us to make sure it is recoverable.
Bring your device to our drop off point and fill out the request form.

Flash Media

Computer Hard Drives

Cell Phones

Network Storage

Court Evidence

Media Cards

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Forensic Request

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Step 2 - Recovery

-          Step 1 – Request a Data Recovery and drop off the broken media at one of our Conroe, Texas locations, or we will provide you a FREE UPS shipping label to send the media to us.

-          Step 2- When we have received your media a $25.00 initial analysis fee is required, and we will determine a best recovery method and our estimated cost for your data recovery.

o   Analysis Fees - a minimal fee is assessed for the time 911 techs spend in their attempts to recover your data. If a successful recovery is completed these fees are applied to the total recovery cost.

-          Step 3 – A recovery Report will be provided to ensure the necessary filed needed were recovered, and proceed to transferring the recovery to a new hard drive or flash drive.

o   Level 1 Recovery - Accidental deletion, drive interface failures can generally be recovered in a Level 1 recovery method.

o   Level 2 Recovery - CRASHED hard drives or format failures are the most frequent request, some of these drives have failed due to software or firm ware failures and the recovery cost are determined on the amount of time / parts needed and amount of data to recovery.

o   Forensic Recovery - This level of data recovery is reserved for intentional data deletion, and data reconstruction due to extensive software damage, or legal request.

-          Step 4 – Upon the completion of your recovery an online payment can be made, and your data will be mailed to you, or delivered to a local drop off address.


Lab Recovery

-          Step 5In the event that your drive or media has internal damage requiring our clean room lab for the recovery. You will be notified that an additional deposit is required.

o   Lab Deposit - This fee (less previous analysis fees paid) is assessed for the time 911 techs and Lab techs spend on your recovery. If a successful recovery is completed these fees are applied to the total recovery cost.

o   Level 3 (Clean Room) Recovery – Dropped hard drives often result in physical damage where data interface is not possible, a clean room repair becomes necessary. In these cases, the amount of damage determines the cost for the recovery, and these cost start at $850 due to the equipment and process needed to complete these recoveries.

-          Step 6 – The lab will provide a quote for the cost to complete the repairs necessary to recover your data. IF this is within budget a payment will be required at this time to continue with the recovery.

o   Guarantee – In the event the data is not recoverable or the portion of the recovery did not contain the items specified in the request, your recovery fees will be refunded less the deposits made in step 2 & 5.

-          Step 7 – Recovery Report, the lab will provide a listing of the files recovered for review. IF the recovery is acceptable your data will move to step 8, IF NOT recoverable the damaged drive can be returned or donated for parts, and a refund of the amount in Step 6 will be refunded.

-          Step 8 – Your data will be transferred to size appropriate hard drive or flash drive which will be charged in Step 9, to complete your recovery process.

-          Step 9 – Final Payments may include the cost for your media that your recovery was transferred to and the applicable taxes for your recovery.

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