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911 Data Recovery was developed for the purpose of helping people save their precious memories.
Maybe they were lost when thier PC Crashed, their Flash drive just quit working, or their phone was run over by the car. Maybe the Work computer CRASHED, and Quickbooks or all the invoices were on a single drive, and now it is TAX season. Maybe your a photographer and ALL the photos from the wedding just disapeared.
We are here to HELP !

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About 911 Data

Forensic Solutions, Inc. developed in 2009 has been serving the needs of businesses and Law Enforcement, both large and small to provide unparalleled computer & technology services. The founder, Retired Police Detective Brad Schlerf took his 30+ years of knowledge in computer forensics, cellular forensics, and Voice Stress Analysis to develop unique operational divisions.
(911 Data Recovery, 911 Data Lock, Shop4Tech) These are the flag ship stores developed for computer and technology related services for individuals, and businesses.
(ForensicVSA) This division is the foundation for FSI providing Computer, and Cellular forensic consulting coupled with Forensic Voice Stress Analysis, and Private Investigations consulting. Forensic Solutions has a team of certified professional experts in computer repair, data recovery, and backup solutions committed to delivering our customers these unparalleled services..

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